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Training and Consulting

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your recent presentations to our Customer Service Team. Both morning and afternoon sessions were well received by the attendees. You always do a great job of building rapport with the audience and have knack of getting each attendee to participate in the training. Your experience in the field also gives you a solid perspective of what our folks deal with on an everyday basis. Thanks again for two great sessions!”
—Kevin L. Spain, Griffith Energy Services, Inc., Columbia, MD

“Thanks so much for presenting your ‘Communication Strategies’ seminar at our Spring Conference. The guidance that you gave our members on ‘Talking to Customers about Price Spikes and Supply Issues’ was spot on, and exactly what they needed at this point in time. They now have a better understanding of the importance of putting together an effective communication strategy that works. Thanks for your unique, creative, and proven solutions to a very challenging propane market. No less than what we expected from the people at Warm Thoughts.”
—Jonathan Williams, Mid Atlantic Propane Gas Association, Charlottesville, VA

“Thank you for supporting Bottini Fuel with your customer service and sales training. Your ability to connect with staff throughout all levels of the company – CSRs, dispatchers, managers, techs and sales was fantastic. You kept them engaged using a variety of techniques. In particular, we found the role playing very helpful. Your training significantly added to our staff’s toolbox of skills and definitely has made an impact on how we maximize our sales opportunities.”
—Rick Bottini, Bottini Fuel, Wappingers Falls, NY

“Ed did a great job with our customer service training. He had made everyone feel comfortable and was excellent interacting with the class. The session was loaded with good content and information, and Ed was well versed on the subject.”
—Ken Russ, Trigas & Oil, Federalsburg, MD

“Thanks for all of your hard work running the FMA member customer service and sales training sessions. The attendance was strong and the feedback very positive. The advice you offered to the customer retention challenge we face today was on point and attendees could readily implement in their operations the next day. It was also great to be able to take the successes of our North Jersey experience and expand it into South Jersey. Overall, we are quite pleased with the results and feel that this engagement has been a great investment of our training dollars.”
—Eric DeGesero, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

“I would highly recommend Ed’s training and consulting services. Over several months, he made a real contribution to the growth of our CSR and Sales team. He has helped Walton’s people to develop the skills we needed to better manage our inbound and outbound calls. His focus on our core mission of adding new customers, hanging on to existing ones and upselling our service offerings is right on target.”
—Christopher Walton, Clyde S. Walton, Inc., Lansdale, PA

“Ed really helped us improve our CSR experience. He gave our team the support they needed to strengthen their performance as a ‘sales oriented’ group. His knowledge of our industry gave him great credibility with our staff. Overall, he was able to have an immediate impact on our effectiveness to handle the critical fall and winter selling and retention season.”
—John Willey, Peninsula Oil & Propane, Seaford, DE

“Thank you for all of the efforts you’ve made to help make us a more diverse company and generate new revenue streams. You are our “go-to guys” who help find solutions to the tough questions, and generate breakthroughs for us. Having access to you, your ideas and your experience have made all the difference in turning our strategic vision into real results for our company.”
—Erinn Woodcock, Needham Oil & Air, Needham, MA

Breakthrough Groups

“This experience has been unbelievably helpful. I can pick up the phone and call any of the guys, and there’s always someone who has had some experience with the issue I’m confronting. The brainstorming is phenomenal, and Rich does a great job of creating an atmosphere that supports us being open and helpful.
—Craig Snyder, Wesson Energy, Waterbury, CT

Price Protection and Budget Programs

“We had a very positive response to our early budget program mailing last year! Our goal was to get as many customers onto our BudgetCap program as possible. Nearly 90% of our customers enrolled in it! Thanks for all your hard work to turn a potentially tough challenge into a great success.

—Jeff Seaman, HB McClure, Harrisburg PA


“Not only did the newsletter tell our story in a professional and engaging way, but it delivered really strong results for us. We’ve closed more than $20,000 in equipment sales from this issue alone (a 400% return on our investment), we wanted more customers to get their tune-ups in the spring and have already scheduled 20% of them, and we’ve got nearly three dozen customers on our EZ Pay Program from our promotion in the newsletter!”

—Dave Daniels, Daniels Energy, Centerbrook, CT

Service Plans

“When I first sat in your office to discuss our program, you told me what you wanted to change the strategy you wanted to implement, and I thought you guys were crazy. But we trusted you and it paid off in a BIG way. We’ve had virtually no negative feedback from customes and we’ve already generated an additional $300,000 in revenue!”

—Roy Rucci, Oil Co., Staten Island, NY

Websites and Internet Marketing

“Since we had you take over management of our website we’ve seen a 114% increase in the average number of pageviews, an increase in average time spent on our site from 90 seconds to 5 minutes, and a 20% reduction in bounce rate! Plus, you’ve helped developed more robust product and equipment pages, so we’ve been able to market them more. Excellent job managing our website!”

—Ken Williams, Scott-Williams, Inc., Quincy, MA

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