Realtor Programs

Realtor Programs

It’s a fact: A home heated with oil or propane is most vulnerable to conversion when it changes hands.

No one influences those decisions more than Realtors, home inspectors and other real estate professionals involved in the transaction. And the unfortunate reality is that these professionals consistently misrepresent the facts and speed your customers towards leaving you.

Warm Thoughts has spent the last 15 years perfecting the strategies that turn Realtors and home inspectors into allies, preventing them from recommending conversion. Our programs help Realtors become more successful so they turn to us for information. We help home inspectors become more proficient at diagnosing problems with oil or propane systems so they don’t cause unnecessary problems during a transaction. And we work with homebuyers and sellers so they make the best decisions for their homes without switching fuels. And the best part is, we know how to penetrate these professional communities in ways that few others can.

Our Realtor Program team is comprised of energy experts, real estate professionals and nationally acclaimed presenters who speak the language of oil and propane while deeply understanding real estate.

Our multifaceted approach incorporates a combination of boots-on-the-ground activities, such as in-office presentations and trade shows; broadcast communication, such as advertising campaigns and direct mailings; and online marketing to create programs that move the needle and support the defense of oil and propane heat.

To learn more about our Realtor Programs, please contact Rich Carrione.

“Our member dealers are thrilled with your Realtor Program. The feedback I get is that we need to be doing more.”
—Eric DeGesero, Executive Vice-President, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

“We use your marketing materials regularly. They’re terrific! We have a lot of new agents since you were in over the summer. I’d like to see you return in February.”
—Ian Wolf, broker/owner, Exit Gold Services Realty

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