Realtor Outreach Programs for Heating Oil

Realtor Outreach Programs for Heating Oil

It’s a fact: Oil-heated homes are most vulnerable to conversion during the real estate transaction.

Homebuyers are often all too happy to switch to another fuel because they aren’t familiar with heating oil and sellers are under pressure from Realtors, home inspectors, attorneys, mortgage lenders to take some sort of action. This often means removing the oil tank or outright switching from oil before the home is sold.

This great vulnerability is the reason that more states have invested their NORA funding into programs to combat this challenge than any other individual program. Warm Thoughts is proud to have been at the forefront of fighting this battle to keep more homes heated with oil through the Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success (PRO$) Realtor Outreach Program.

PRO$ is a multi-faceted marketing, communications and educational program that works with Realtors, buyers and sellers so that they make better decisions when it comes to oilheat. PRO$ taps into Realtors’ ultimate desire to sell the home and provides legitimate business tips and tools to help them to do that – but in a way that supports our industry. We engage on multiple levels, from in-office educational presentations and trade show networking to social media and trade publication advertorials.

PRO$ is run by real estate professionals who are experts in the energy industry, and so our results are unparalleled. In fact, the PRO$ Program has been adopted in 8 states, spanning New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest

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